by maradona




released 27 June 2011



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Track Name: two
sheltered enigma grasping for a hold
like the last strides of a dying horse
our time has been in vain.
our mistakes made
so full of regret
i want to be rid of them forever
but they've grown into my fibers
and they linger on my sweat
Track Name: interdude
ive been searching for a way out
but i cant commit to anything, and it wears at my trust
it can drape itself around you so tightly
without a hint of security
we're so cold, and unforgiving
our situation is overwhelming
the only difference between you and me
is the length of our arms and fingers, outstretched

we left what we loved to stare into the sun.
Track Name: three
we dance with our eyes
never breaking stare
not meant to be for anyone else to hear
the voices come seeping through the walls
a cry gone unheard for so many uninhabited days
we're listening, it cant be undone
the silence can be broken
rather than kept in fear of knowing
you are the naive
purveyor of a selfish rite
we said never again
and we went about our lives
it was kept buried deep
but your day will come
right after i fall
Track Name: four
loneliness makes the heart numb
heavy and unfulfilled
between the clamour of our iron lungs
barely escaping our clenched jaws
parting the silence like smoke through water
ive reached the end now i trace my hands along this wall. i can feel it crumbling but i know it as it once was. whats gone is lost my mind can only hold so much. i left for a reason now i cant remember why

its funny how on freezing nights like these the only proof of being alive is the warmth we lose to each other and i cant open my mouth to speak for fear of it escaping well wait until a different time and place but the words will never come to us

young forever, forever free